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Cheap labor advantages; attracting foreign investment into the market

According to statistical data from Vietnam, the dental market is growing.

  • Within Vietnam’s dental product market, from 2015 to 2021, CAGR will reach 9.29%, with mainly dental consumables (i.e., dental preventative products and dental care products) accounting up to 38%, followed by dental equipment (including light curing devices, surgical instruments, and dental treatment equipment) at 18%.
  • In 2017 Vietnam’s overall dental market value reached US$66.7 million, with growth rates increasing since 2017, and expected to reach 7% by 2018, and 14% by 2019.

MANI Hanoi Co. Ltd. (MANI) was founded in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2003 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japanese corporation MANI, Inc. (founded in 1959). MANI Hanoi provides medical devices for surgery and dentistry.

MANI Hanoi Co Ltd. is one of Vietnam’s main manufacturers and suppliers of safe and high quality dental healthcare equipment for Vietnamese healthcare, providing over 10,000 different types of needles and 2,000 root canal treatment instruments.

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In 2015, MANI acquired German’s leading dental restoration material company Schütz Dental GmbH, which is meant to accelerate listing in other countries and launches of new products. Committed towards product development and improvement in three different fields:

  • Surgical products (products related to surgery and ophthalmology)
  • Eyeless products (suture needles and consumables)
  • Dental products (dental instruments, instruments for root canal treatment, endodontic rotary cutting instruments, endodontic accessories, and consumables)
  • MANI researches and develops instruments for dental treatment, such as root treatment instruments, dental drills, and dental sutures, then sells them directly to hospitals and dentists.
Model application reference and strategies going forward

Regarding Taiwanese manufacturers’ entry into the ASEAN dental device market, the Topology Research Institute (2018) points out that Taiwanese companies should”Find suitable existing local sales channels, or step further into the role of distributor. ”

  • Aside from getting a grasp of the development trends of medical device laws in Vietnam or even the entirety of ASEAN, Taiwanese companies should also seek out suitable distributors/importers, and work with local channels. With many bidding projects and businesses choosing comprehensive solutions in the future, it is important for Taiwanese manufacturers to provide complete product lines. This will be very helpful to the future sales of Taiwanese products, and is worth further cooperation.
  • It is recommended to build a high-quality image and further complete the product line, as well as to increase the establishment of costs for sales channels with ASEAN countries’ back-end distributors and increase procurement opportunities; or to further establish local channels through ethnic Chinese people, forming sales channels exclusive to Taiwan and expanding marketing opportunities.