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ASEAN Dental Instrument Application Model Vietnam – KI.WORKS Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Wide urban–rural gap; incomplete industry chain

According to Vietnamese government rules, only Vietnamese domestic companies can establish medical equipment dealerships in Vietnam.

  • Because Vietnam’s dental industry is still in its early stages, companies focus on import, marketing, and services. Lacking in technology, they only manufacture low-level consumables.
  • Medical spending in Vietnam accounts for a relatively high percentage of GDP, about 7%. The Vietnamese government focuses investments in healthcare, but runs into problems caused by the large urban–rural gap, and lack of and poor distribution of medical resources and professionals.

KI.WORKS Vietnam Co., Ltd. officially opened its plant in the Singapore Industrial Park of Vietnam’s Binh Duong Province, a location most abundant with human resources, making it a dental consumables supplier with a complete supply chain in Vietnam.

KI.WORKS Vietnam Co., Ltd. started its productions around injection plastic molding. KI.WORKS has become a key player in professional factories making professional dental care products. They currently have teams in places like Vietnam, Japan, and Taiwan, and encompasses 4 main systems: manufacturing; research and development; sales; and management.

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As a professional manufacturer of oral hygiene products, KI. WORKS has many years of OEM and ODM experience, as well as complete manufacturing equipment and production lines. KI.WORKS also has its own brands:

  • Dr. Polir
  • Okamura asahi
  • Okamura DX
  • Yumaki

KI.WORKS products are mainly distributed in Europe, North America, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, etc., over 98% of which are products for oral hygiene. Their sales network includes supermarkets, drug stores, dental clinics, online stores, and creative design shops, etc.

Model application reference and strategies going forward

Regarding Taiwanese manufacturers’ entry into the ASEAN dental device market, the Topology Research Institute (2018) points out that Taiwan should “Gain a grasp on local consumer demand and doctors’ usage preferences, and let the government solve distribution issues. ”.

  • Taiwanese companies should understand local hospitals and clinics’ demands and characteristic products, as well as understand the preferences of target dentists.
  • At present, Taishang are not familiar with the ASEAN dental and medical device market, and lacks access. The government can first help manufacturers understand the ASEAN market and its needs, guide the entrance of Taiwanese distributors into the market, and create brand marketing platforms for Taishang. This will not only improve product lines, but also establish back-end after-sales services.