ASEAN Dental Instrument Application Model Thailand-Ldc
Thailand’s Great Economic Situation and Connection with Industry 4.0 and Eastern Economic Corridor Business Opportunities

Thailand plans to transition away from traditional manufacturing and service industries. Thailand 4.0 offers many benefits for factory investment. Coupled with the local medical tourism trend, this is a business opportunity that can’t be missed.

  • The Thailand 4.0 Initiative is a national policy blueprint that spans the next 20 years from 2017 to 2036, and is focused on upgrading Thailand’s 10 major industries. And the Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi) focuses on research and development, making connections with surrounding transportation resources to become a logistics center in Southeast Asia.
  • In 2017, Thailand’s economy reached its highest point in 4 years, with an annual economic growth rate of 3.9%. With the recovery of the global economy and the rise in commodity prices and demand, export trade (50% of GDP) is gaining strength, tourism revenue (10% of GDP) is at a record high, and private investment and consumption rose steadily, at 3.1% and 2.9%, respectively. This good economic situation is just right for the government to implement and develop policies.
Thailand- Ldc

Ldc is an important listed group in the Thai dental market. So far Ldc Dentistry has over 31 branches in Thailand. Ldc provides world-class medical healthcare environment, and a team of over 400 dentists.

  • Founded in 1992, Ldc met international standards by 2006, became the first dental center to pass HA certification in Thailand in 2008, and had a ฿150 million IPO in 2014.
  • Ldc provides services such as preventative dental services (preventative treatment), cosmetic dentistry (aesthetics), oral reconstruction, and dental implants with highly standardized professional services and transparent prices.

Ldc logo

Photo from: Ldc

LDC Dentistry(LDC)

  • LDC established LDC Dentistry to provide professional dental center services for dentists. Their goals is to train professional dental assistants to provide dental clinics with qualified employees, further promoting the linked structure of the industry chain and create job market opportunities. So far, over 14 years, they have trained over 400 people to work in dental specialties.
  • As for educational courses, students come from free dental treatments in demonstration clinics. Under the supervision of dentists and professional training teams, they have hands-on dental assistant courses that improve the quality of dental practitioners and the overall dental industry.

In terms of operations, in 2017, dental corrections accounted for 25.45% of total revenue, general treatment accounted for 18.21%, and implants accounted for 4.47%. Daily treatment and other services, such as preventative and periodontal treatment, accounted for roughly 51.87%.

Ldc 2015至2017年營收

資料說明:Ldc revenue between 2015 and 2017

Model application reference and strategies going forward

Regarding Taiwanese manufacturers’ entry into the ASEAN dental device market, the Topology Research Institute (2018) points out that “Thailand has a very competitive market with many large dental groups and distributors. Taking the time to lay foundations through social media and find quality agents is recommended.”

  • Thailand has a highly developed dental device market with many high quality European and American manufacturers and nearly a thousand distributors. In order to attract medical tourists from Europe and the US, medical standards are directed towards the same high standards as in Europe and the US. The problem, though, is that the gaps between distributor scales are too big; large distributors dominate the market and causes fierce competition, causing risks for Taiwanese manufacturers trying to import products and expand sales.
  • It is recommended that manufacturers first use the Thai-Taiwan Business Association and the Thai Medical Device Technology Industry Association (THAIMED) as a service matching platform to find quality local distributors to work with, apply for all procedures, and help with marketing networks; then work with chambers of commerce that have already laid foundations in Thailand to identify high-quality distributors in terms of long-term technical deployment and thus further expand sales.