Pomelo Fashion – Fashion Integrated with O2O

ASEAN Innovation Application Case Studies Pomelo Fashion – Fashion Integrated with O2O
Pomelo Fashion – Fashion Integrated with O2O

Pomelo Fashion is focused on providing designs for Asian women. Free shipping is available for online purchases over THB 600. Currently provides shipping in more than 50 countries, and can handle returns 365 days a year.

All products are currently designed and manufactured in Korea. Due to the abundance of design energy, an average of 4 designs are conceived every week. The e-commerce platform uses offline pop-up stores for people to easily try dresses or accessories. This function attracts more than 200,000 active users per month, and the platform currently has a high growth rate of 20-30% of users per month.

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Pomelo Fashion is founded in 2013 by former Lazada manager David Jou. The company operates online fashion websites and sells its own brand of clothing in Southeast Asia. The company’s products are sold across 140 countries around the world, but businesses are still concentrated on Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore. Since its inception, the total amount of funds raised has reached approximately US$31.6 million.

  • Round B financing US$19 million
    [from JD.COM, Provident capital Partners, and Lombard Investments in 2017]
  • Round A financing US$11 million
    [from Jungle Ventures, 500 Startups, Jonathan Price, and Andre Hoffmann in 2016]
  • Seed round financing US $1.6 million
    [FROM Jungle Ventures, 500 Startups, QueensBridge Venture Partners, Toivo Annus, and Fenox Venture Capital IN 2014]

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Source: Pomelo Fashion

Differentiation Strategy and Future Development

  • In 2017, Jingdong led the US $19 million financing of Bangkok’s online fashion brand Pomelo. This is the largest-scaled round B investment for Thai startup companies so far. Joint investors include Indonesia’s Provident Capital Partners, and private equity firm Lombard Investments. Strengthen Pomelo’s position in Thailand through this method. Pomelo has established a cross-border warehouse in Hong Kong, as the first step towards international business.
  • Aside from the ASEAN market and the Greater China area, Pomelo’s other goal is internationalization. The company is thinking about collaborating with Instagram and Snapchat in the future to promote Asian fashion to the European market. Experienced stores are expected to enter offline business (O2O).