A Continuously Learnable AI System For Automated Quality Inspection
Our mission is to create smart faster local learning and recognition systems that can improve production quality and operation efficiency. By creating such system, we aim to guard life happiness and memories.
We develop labeling and learning software. We also provide customization design for different requirements.
Customers include smart factory, healthcare, and more.
▌ Digitization
– Transform real-world things to digital for better management
▌ Increase Quality
– AI-powered inspection
– Automation to reduce cost
▌ Enforce Traceability
– Control all flows easily
▌ Uncover Insights
– Automatically data-driven analysis
▌ Reduce manual inspection cost
– On average, our AI reduces over 90% human inspection time
▌ Improve inspection quality
– In one case , our AI reduces human false-detection rate from 4% to less than 0.1%
▌ Lower internal & external cost
– On average, internal process waste and external customer return rate are reduced with the aid of our AI