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Economic environment has improved with the recovery of the global economy

According to data from Malaysia’s Department of Statistics, their economic growth rate is at its highest in three years, up to 5.9%.

  • Malaysia’s government debt to GDP ratio has decreased from 53% in 2016 to 50.9%, of which over 90% is domestic debt; the risks faced are not large, which shows that the overall economic environment is in good condition.
  • And starting in 2013, Malaysia’s health spending has increased yearly to 4% of its GDP in 2015. This shows the country’s emphasis on healthcare resources, and how much room for improvement there is.
MALAYSIA – AR dental supplies sdn bhd

AR Dental Supplies Sdn Bhd is the leading distributor of dental laboratory and surgical equipment and materials in Malaysia; it currently has a 70% market share in the country.

該公司(AR Dental Supplies)The company (AR Dental Supplies) specializes in providing all facilities and services needed in the dental industry, including dental units and other medical devices and equipment needed by dental clinics. Its products include dental imaging equipment, medical cabinets, sterilizers, light curing devices, hand-held instruments, and denture base materials.

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Through business events, AR Dental Supplies has also established links and built academic relationships with academic institutions such as Malaysia’s top universities. These include:

  • University Malaya
  • University Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • University Technology Mara
  • University of Science Malaysia
  • Besides providing a variety of dental devices and equipment, the company also offers professional seminars and practical trainings for dentists, dental nurses, and dental technicians, including disinfection controls, and maintenance for large equipment and hand-held instruments.

Through collaboration, AR Dental Supplies also distributes products from leading brands around the world.

  • Japan Morita; Yamahachi; NSK
  • Italy Anthos; Euronda; Dental Art
  • Germany Durr Dental; Bredent
  • US SybronEndo
  • Spain Inibsa
  • Austria Amann Girrbach
  • Switzerland Ivoclar Vivadent
AR Dental Supplies與各國領導品牌代理合作
Model application reference and strategies going forward

Regarding Taiwanese manufacturers entering the ASEAN dental device market, the Topology Research Institute (2018) points out that “It is recommended that Taiwan focus on taking advantage where it already has a competitive edge, understand competitors’ market distribution and market demand, and strengthen brand marketing to create market segmentation. ”.

  • The high-end market is occupied by the US and European countries that had already entered the ASEAN market, while the mid- to low-end market has united competitors like Japan and South Korea. Taiwan would be entering the market later than others, so it must carefully observe which fields are still favorable and suitable for entry.
  • Turnkey solutions should be implemented, such as how Taiwan built hospitals and sold medical equipment in Malaysia. Though medical equipment cannot be sold between general hospitals and Muslim hospitals, there can still be promotional effects.