ECOUNT ERP Fast Edition
Most Affordable, All-in-One, and Cloud-Based, Full ERP Software
All functions
Unlimited User IDs
Unlimited departments, warehouses,and stores
Groupware access for 15 users
Not all cloud-based ERP systems are the same. ECOUNT ERP is the only cutting-edge, fully cloud-based system that is accessible from anytime, anywhere.
ERP is all about functionality. Functionality is key.
● ECOUNT ERP offers you everything from inventory to accounting and team collaboration management tools. We help make your work flow even more efficient.
● INVENTORY module includes: Warehouse Inventory Management, Item Management, Unit Price Management, Store Management, Inventory Ledger/Report, Online Ordering System, Order Management, Project Performance Management, Barcode, Inventory Adjustments, Safety Stock Management, and Serial/Lot No. Management.
● PRODUCTION module includes: BOM (Requirements), Master Production Schedule, Process Management, Outsourcing Management, Cost Management, Work Order Management, Quality Control (QC) Management, and Defects Management.
● SALES module includes: Sales Documents, Manage Quotes, Sales Order Management, Sales, Accounts Receivable Management, Customer Management, Credit Limit Management, Shipping Management, After-Sales (A/S) Management, Online Store Management, Invoice/Packing List, and Sales Planning.
● PURCHASING module includes: Request A Quote, Order Planning, MRP, Purchase Orders, Purchasing (Goods Receipt), and Accounts Payable
● ACCOUNTING module includes: Reports for CEOs, Easy Data Entry, Accounts Receivable / Payable Management, Cost/Expense Control, Budget Management, Transaction Management, Fixed Asset Management, Notes Management, Foreign Currency Management, Trade Management, Service Management, Travel Expenses Management, Chart of Accounts, and Contract Management
● PAYROLL module includes: Payroll Management, Online Payroll System, and Overtime & Leave Management
● COLLABORATE module includes e-Approval, Customer Management (CRM), Work Sharing, Schedule Management, Timesheet Management, Custom Boards, Project Management, File Storage, Office Equipment, Survey Management, and Vehicle Logs
ECOUNT makes your dreams a reality.
● Imagine the ultimate business management tool at your fingertips. With ECOUNT, you can access your information anytime, anywhere!
● Online ERP solution. No installation required. SaaS ERP that allows business to be conducted anywhere. Domestic or international – your office goes with you.
● Mobile App. Your office right in your hands. You can use all of the modules available from the desktop version in an optimized mobile environment with the mobile app.
● Esay to access anytime, anywhere. Perform tasks anytime, anywhere. Access your unique set of modules, menus,and data entry options. Data will be stored and secured.
Details are what make an item a luxury item.
● There are other ERP programs that offer basic functions. ECOUNT ERP is the one and only software that can be customized to meet the company’s practical needs.
● Input Screen Settings: All input screens can be customized in order to include essential information into your transactions and documents.
● Customizable Reports: Reports can be customized according to your business needs and environment.
● User Customization: Menu configuration can easily be modified to meet changing business needs.
ECOUNT ERP is the real ERP anyone can use.
● Unlimited User IDs, free of charge. Set custom permissions for each. Your business will be more efficient when the whole team works together.
● Free Messenger. Secure and integrated communication is essential. Our online chat options reinvigorate team communication. Also available on the ECOUNT App.
● Multilingual Settings. ECOUNT offers not only English but also Spanish, Korean, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian to configure the program for multiple countries and languages.
Trust ECOUNT. ECOUNT’s stability and reliabilty are the major reasons why so many businesses have chosen us.
● Cloud Security: ISO 27001 Certified. Stable Cloud Management. Strong Cloud Security.
● Cloud ERP Stability: Steady revenue keeps us financially sound. Our training services, phone consultations, and continuous support offer peace of mind, all the time.
● Data Backup: Data is stored in secured ECOUNT servers. Regular backups and maintenance. User backups available for exporting to Excel.
● Audit Trail: Find out when data was entered, modified, or deleted and by whom. Report hyperlinks provide easy tracking. Set restrictions to prevent entry or modifications.