Carousell – C2C E-commerce Platform from Singapore

ASEAN Innovation Application Case Studies Carousell – C2C E-commerce Platform from Singapore
Carousell – C2C E-commerce Platform from Singapore

Carousell was founded in Singapore in 2012, and has expanded to 19 cities in 7 countries around the world.

  • It’s a free auction platform that advertises “snap, list, sell” and “message and buy”.
  • Over the years, over 8 million products have been placed on Carousell, with millions of successful transactions.
  • It has been rated as the top shopping app in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia, and has continued to expand.

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A mobile C2C second-hand trading platform, operating in Southeast Asian countries and regions such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines. It’s biggest financing is the $35 million investment led by Rakuten Ventures in 2016.

  • Round B financing US$35 million
    [from from Rakuten in 2016]
  • Round A financing US$6 million
    [from from Sequoia Capital in 2014]
  • Seed round financing US $800 thousand
    [from from Golden Gate Ventures in 2013]

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Source: carousell

Future development strategies

  • Latest news:
    Carousell announces its long-awaited mobile payment service CarouPay, which allows users to pay sellers without using a third-party money transfer platform. CarouPay is a “comprehensive payment system” developed by DBS, Stripe, and Visa.
  • Future vision:
    In order to provide maximum service and faster sales, Carousell plans to introduce new features using AI technology in 2018. Start using smart lists to provide users with recommendations, new home screen displays with more personalized designs based on user interest, and in-app chat updates in the Carousell app. All these new functions hope to shorten the registration process from 30 seconds to 3 seconds, and provide smooth communication between buys and sellers.