Airtrunk – Large Data Center leading the Asia-Pacific Market

ASEAN Innovation Application Case Studies Airtrunk – Large Data Center leading the Asia-Pacific Market
Airtrunk – Large Data Center leading the Asia-Pacific Market

AirTrunk is a company that provides solutions as a data center. It specializes in providing custom services for cloud and content providers as well as large corporations. AirTrunkbuilds efficient, secure and flexible spaces for data storage.

The platform uses cost-effective, safe, reliable, and fast response technology for sustainable data storage, providing customer-centric, flexible access to breakthrough technology for service data customers.

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AirTrunk is founded in 2012 as the cloud service provider of a large expandable data center (acquired joint venture capital of Goldman Sachs and private equity group TPG Capital).

  • Round A financing US$400 million
    [from from Goldman sachs in 2017]
    *According to news from August 20, 2018, AirTrunk has announced the completion of debt financing of approximately US$612 million, led by Goldman Sachs, and joined by Deutsche Bank. So far, the company has acquired financing up to US$900 million.

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Differentiation Strategy and Future Development

  • On September 20, 2017, Airtrunk debuted at its flagship factory in West Sydney, Australia.
  • AirTrunk’s new factory is its first step towards implementing a wider strategy across the Asia-Pacific region, demonstrate the company’s deployment speed, expandability, increased reliability, and cost and energy efficiency.
  • This world-class facility is designed for large cloud, content and enterprise customers looking for secure and reliable large cloud for processing and storing large amounts of information and content.