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Find Tools

Offers a variety of application tools to resolve various corporate issues. Look here for the tools you need!

Find Mentors

Have a question with no one to ask? Insufficient mentor applications? This platform will quickly match you with a mentor!

Find Knowledge

This platform provides industry news and a mentors column for you to gain new knowledge and keep pace with the times!

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Gathers together events of major companies and FAST that will save you great trouble finding an event!

Platform suitable for incubators and startups/SMEs to dig for resources


A business that provides space, equipment, technology, capital, management consulting services, or talent training to help nurture businesses, products, technologies, and assist the transformation of companies.


Startups/SMEs that are interested or need AI, ICT, IoT, or big data tools.

Our Partners

The FAST platform and partners provide the incubation industry with access to more resources and effectively provides in-depth guidance. We welcome more partners to join us.